Cultural Activities

Through our various cultural workshops, we aim to provide a forum for you to connect, learn and experience the rich culture of Morocco. No matter what your interests are, we have a workshop for you. Our workshops are also child-friendly and we can cater to family or parent-child sessions. We offer these workshops as add-on modules to our language services.

Marrakech Explorer

Looking for adventure?

 Marrakech Explorer is a fun group activity to explore the Marrakech medina. You will discover your competitive spirit as you race around the streets in the medina completing various tasks.

 Great as a team-building or family activity.

 You will start off with a basic language workshop, then head out to the medina accompanied by a cultural ambassador.

Minimum 4 people


Cooking Demonstration  

Ever wanted to learn how to make a tajine? Come and participate in a cooking demonstration by a local Moroccan and discover the hidden foodie in you!



Henna Workshop

Learn the historical and cultural background of henna in Morocco with hands on time to do your own henna design.


Cultural Encounter

Meet and interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. Learn a bit about their language, culture, cuisine, and traditions.